Goran P. L.
Age: 42
Country: UK
Degree: MSc in Financial Management, London
Specialization: Finance, Statistics, Portfolio Management.
Experience: 5 years of academic writing; completed book/ article reviews in Economics.

Sandra S. L.
Age: 40
Country: USA
Degree: Comparative Literature, MA
Specialization: Arts and Humanities, Renaissance, Post-Modernism.
Experience: 6 years of academic writing; authored articles for specialized journals (Literature and Arts).

Robert R. F.
Age: 35
Country: USA
Degree: Interdisciplinary Social Science, Master’s
Specialization: Sociology, International Political Studies.
Experience: 6 years of academic writing; specialization in Sociology and Political studies, Human Behavior and Psychology.

Jim H. G.
Age: 39
Country: United Kingdom
Degree: International Economic Law and Criminal Justice, MA
Specialization: publications in major Law journals in North America; Business Law critique papers (also Corporate Law), authored Public and Civil Law papers in Law journals .
Experience: 9 years writing, International Economic Law Field, co-editor of a Jurisprudence Journal in Ontario, Canada.

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